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Cook Lounge – Konsep Mebel Keren Baker Brook Sports Camp Architecture

Cook Lounge – Konsep Mebel Keren if you have designed anything in your life whether it’s architecture graphics interiors Bakerbrooksportingcamps whatever you know this feelingwhere you have invested with all of yourcreative efforts into our project and asit’s wrapping up and you are kind ofputtering concerning grasping in any respect thesmall details and final tasks what’sleft to be donenot wanting to officially end itbecause it means that you’ll need to getstarted thereon next project that iswaiting or looming in the backgroundit’s this strange mixture of excitement anddread the foremost gratifying and terrifyingpoint within the timeline of design it’s attimes like these where doubt starts tocreep in and you begin wondering youknow am i able to try this once more whatif that was the last smart idea i’ll everhave do I still even have what it takeswill or not it’s sensible and and then if it isgood will or not it’s better than the lastproject if you felt this manner in the pastor if you’re feeling it right currently you’renot alone i would era with you as I’mgetting able to begin a brand new project soin this video i assumed i’d speak abouthow I contend with this and the way I find newideas there is a term coined by ArthurKessler in his book the act of creationknown as by Association now he has avery wordy definition of

it however simplyput by association is that the linking of twocompletely separate unrelated ideassimple right therefore however does it work inpractice well the planning for the SearsTower in Chicago by Bruce Graham ANdFazlur Khan of Skidmore Owings andMerrill is a good example therefore there’sa story that the 2 partners werehaving lunch along at the ChicagoClub they were mulling over designconcepts for an workplace tower and theywere discussing the necessity for a novelapproach for what was to be the tallestbuilding within the world structurally theyagreed that a series of tubes withshared walls was a particularly efficientway to support a very tall building butthat approach would conjointly yield a ratherbulky mass as compared with the simplesteel flames in common use at the timeyou understand it’s same that Graham pausedand looked down at the table at his packof cigarettes and he grabbed a smallbundle of them in his hand and heto push and pull them to differentheights in this moment he accomplished thatif each tube were staggered verticallyboth their slenderness and theirstructural integrity would be preservedso linking the concept for a skyscraperwith a pack of cigarettes two seeminglyunrelated things provided this novelconcept for the Sears Tower currently byassociation requires unconventionalthinking usually command beliefs andrepetitive thought processes will alwaysyield similar results permutationsrather than mutations variations on atheme rather than some hyper flexiblethought that permits going on the far side theexpected solutions learning to byassociate challenges the method we’retaught to process the world thoughaccepting conventions and limitationslike the maximum height of a buildingleads to solutions that

you’vededicated eight operating hours to createthree ideas currently you only have fourwhat square measure you aiming to need to dodifferently to accomplish your goal inhalf the timeideas square measure all over but we want tocondition ourselves to receive them payattention to the items that you’vemissed because you’ve been so busyfocused along with your head down on the pagein front of you zoom out investigate thingsfrom a brand new perspective i am going to alwaysremember the first day of my high schoolphysics category our teacher lit a willdleand placed it on the lab bench andchallenged United States of America to jot down down everythingwe could regarding the candle every physicalobservation we tend to may think of so colorshape height flame wick dripping wax allthe obvious descriptors I ran out ofideas in in all probability less than a minutealong with most of my classmates soafter doing this we then each browse aloudour observations and completed that we tend tohad recorded a similar dozen approximately of themost obvious options that’s it theteacher says then he simply leaned inand puffed on the flame and of coursethe flame moves and wisps of black smokerise from it and he says anybody havethat observation on their list and fromthere he proceeded to return up withanother twenty-four approximately descriptors eachof which was plainly visible however all ofus had missed them as a result of we weren’ttrained to observe profound architectureinterprets the globe for us how canobserving what is already there create fora higher building okay have you everdone this trick wherever you turn handswhile you are brushing your teeth try itthe next time you are brushing justswitch hands see how tough such asimple task is once you utterly fliphow you are accustomed doing it you actuallyhave to have faith in it currently with thistrick you do what everyone else isn’tdesign the opposing project can public beprivate up be down stage be audienceopen be closed high-ticket swapped forinexpensive significant for

light and this isa game you’ll be able to play on numerous differentlevels including eliminating all theconstraints we spoke concerning earlierwhat would the project look like if Ididn’t have to abide by X or Y or ittake 3 of your precedent studysolutions and utterly invert themoften the simplest answer is the simplestthe one that involves the fewest movesthe one that’s most pure and therefore the leastconvoluted what solution would requireno tools to construct however about the onethat children might build what is thefree solution what if you were financingit would you are doing it otherwise keepremoving variables a library withoutbooks a theater without screens what’sthe one thing that if removed wouldrender everything else pointless there’s truly nothing new during this worldunderstanding this should free you tolook to the solutions differents havedeveloped before you nature abstractionart photography movies light peoplematerial Instagram Pinterest books thesite Maps colours wind ocean toolsmovement feeling weather smell shapeother professionals other disciplinesalthough it’s been done before it’snever been done by you and that is oneof the most liberating ideas when itcomes to setting off on a brand new project sowhat will all this lead well I don’tknow and that’s the fun part I supposemake certain you’re signed and thatyou’ve hit the notification bell soyou’re notified whenever I upload newvideos and you’ll follow on as Ifigure out this next style challenge besure to inform me in the comments thetricks you have got for transitioningbetween one project and another we’llsee you once more next time Cheers Cook Lounge – Konsep Mebel Keren

all in this video so overall Ithink I had concerning seven pieces in myportfolio I did vary them slightly fordifferent universities so for exampleSheffield they asked you to do aspecific piece about your street with a200-word quite further bit to that thusobviously that affected that portfolioand I did modification her slightly dependenton whether i used to be applying for thearchitecture or landscape ones becauseobviously they are slightly completely different thereforeI did to put slightly different thingsin but i'm just reaching to show you theone that is the one I used for Lincolnbecause Lincoln I applied forarchitecture but I did still embracesome of the items that were in mylandscape one therefore i will just show youthat one so I chose to try and do my portfoliojudiciously so it's all on my portable computer oryou will do a physical one it's reallydown to personal preference however I knowrecently heaps of universities do youfind it easier if you do do yourportfolio on-line just because then youcanemail it to them and that they don't have Togolese Republic through the faff of you recognize havingit posted to them clearly if yourequire an interview therefore for Gloucester Ido have to be compelled to move to Leah to indicate myportfolioit's fine tell a physical portfolio thenbut I simply showed to try to to it all on mycomputer thus i believed i used to be simply easierand I knew i might get sort of a nicer finishto it if I just did it onlineso anyway currently i am aiming to get into itmy plan is i am gonna try and simply putpictures informed the screen do not know ifit's gonna work that well but I thoughtit would just be a touch easier than wetry and like flip my laptop computer to you guysso affirmative you furthermore mght need to have faith in theorder of your items similarly becausesome universities recommend that you putthem in written account order and finishwith your most up-to-date piece folks justsay begin and end with a really goodpiece I reasonably went for the start andend with an honest piece obviously you wantto include all of your best work however youwill have pieces that you are doing feel moreproud of all you feel that show yourtechniques higher so yeah so this firstpage was just a title page in it shejust has my name

I did not have AN arta level therefore it absolutely was slightly different forthat one but I simply adapted it and keptit in my portfolio as a result of it just showslike some of the places i have been what Ithink aspired Maine and my photographyskills therefore I've got like motor when Iwent to Australia and rottenness Islandthings like that and that i conjointly do try toinclude pieces which did show like thusmefrom photographical parts to that ifyou know what I mean thus I've got likeleading lines and having sort of a shallowdepth of field thus things like that simplyto show you that you simply apprehend I do know howevercamera works again simply to indicate that artificial language have some ability in that space thenext one was the one that i used to be onabout that I did for metropolis calledmy streets so I I truly kind ofrushed his piece to be honest as a result of Ionly had two weeks to submit back toSheffield and i wasn't extremely sure whatto do however everyone who's seen my popFreitas that they love this pieceso perhaps easy is that the way to go forsome things so all I did was draw theview out of my window essentially off mystreet and i simply chose to use a form ofgray black and white color palettebecause that then works with the text Iput underneath that again you can readin your own time and that i thought it was anall right piece just as a result of it doesthat you recognize I can work with likephysical things in front of me and i'maware of like space and all that jazzreally so yea i do not really like thispiece however everyone else has aforementioned it'spretty good piece so i suppose it's downto personal preference however that thisshows that I will simply draw what I seebasically consecutive piece I did was ingouache don't extremely know how you say itbut it's like a mixture between acrylicand watercolor and this was just alandscape piece which I then chose tokind of flip at the very left side ifyou can see that so I kind ofexplained why I did that and it simplyshows that I'm went in to experimentwith my work which i think they like tosee and then following one I did was whatrelates specifically to design binary star was the sort of longest piece in myportfolio because it went over more thanone page it went about three pages butit just showed like my thought processso I came up with a plan of likecreating a restaurant slash gallery space andthen I just showed like my thoughtprocess through

hello everyone these days i assumed I woulddo a video Cook Lounge – Konsep Mebel Keren talking through the portfolio that I created for applying to university because if you didn't grasp i am applying to try and do architecture and thusme LandscapeArchitecture courses at university nextyear and for all of those courses I wasrequired to submit a portfolio as wellas my personal statement so I thoughtI'd talk you thru the type of thingsthat I included in mind as a result of I'vealready got three offers back fromuniversities 2 that square measure conditionaland one unconditional offer so I thoughtI'd just tell you that the sorts ofthings that I included as a result of I don'thave sort of a kind or tier artqualification or anything thus this waskind of simply stuff that I created up offmoving back therefore hopefully this videohelps you guys because i do know I wouldstruggle to kind of think about things toinclude in it so i am simply gonna stoprambling and show you mine so if youlook at universities they all will haveslightly different requirements fortheir portfolio however normally theyusually kindle between seven to fifteen piecesand some universities will want tosee like you developing that idea so notjust the finished product but how yougot thereto so your initial plans etcobviously it's different with everyUniversity these ar just the ones thatI've applied to and that i will list them allbelow for you so you do know whichones they are as a result of i am not goingthrough

how i'd design itand things like that just to purpose out youthat I do have thusme ability withspace to reasonably show that i might besuited to that course thus I've showed myadditional plan which was simply in mysketchbook as you'll be able to see with thereforeme simplycolor schemes things like that and that ithen developed it into quite floorplans to ascertain how it worked and i namedit associate degree atrium as a result of AN atrium is justkind of a giant space in the center of abuilding which acts as just just like the centralhub that is what I made the cafe spaceand then upstairs there's sort of a doubleheight area and it's like the art areayou can see all that but I just thoughtI kind of talked it through and thus Ithink this is often the piece that reallykind of did it for Lincoln as a result of theydid provide Maine feedback on my portfoliobefore they gave me my provide and I choseto create atiny low model just to show againcreativity that i know kind of however touse stuff around Pine Tree State all I do is usecardboard and card but it just showsbecause I had this concept of getting acurved wall therefore again this just showslike my thought method and however I strive toshow my like method of supposeing to theworld if that creates sense so yea then Ialso did a little bit at the bottomwhere I just talked concerning some materialsI opt for as a result of that's a good way toalso get your point across concerning how youwould wish the end to be so area unit youchoosing rightmaterials man-made ones things like thatand then the ultimate page was the finaloutcome and fun result for youI created this in sins so you really do notneed fancy instrumentality to do these thingsI use sims to form my final outcomeand i actually don't think they noticedbecause they only likable the fact that Idid it digitally so as you can see I didtry and embrace my double-height spacein the center it's pretty simple it'snothing fancy however it did just as I sayget my point across which i feel is themost necessary part thereto and it justgives a kind of general feel to my styleof design

architectural portfolioand then my personal you forged ID thatI've blurred out don't think you willreally do anything with my ID however artificial languagen't want to seek out resolute be honest thereforeyeah I've got my personal ID and therefore thenthe first piece that I chose to includewas a painting associated this is simply apainting I actually did back in GCSE artbut i thought was pretty good so thiswas of a collection of boats as you'll be able to seepainted during a creek so on the aspects I didjust put sort of a title and a touch bitabout it you do not extremely ought to dothat however some universities does one liketo have a couple of sentences just thus you'll be able tokind of tell them the piece and what wasinspired by issues like that therefore this ismy first piece and i thought i might put itfirst as a result of i feel it's quite astrong piece and it does show my quitestyle as an creator you recognize i might go quitebold and right you can see what I meanreally can't youso my second piece was a graphic designpiece and this was referred to as triangulationbecause that is the technique that Iused on that therefore here I combined 2 imagesone with a extremely like kind of weirdcolor palette and the different one among likea natural skin tone then as you can seeon the side I did simply pen kindof however I did it why I did it simply thingslike that because i feel the UniversityI see your thought process behind whyyou created sure pieces and as I sayif you're applying to design likeI am you don't got to try and build allof your pop ferny associated with thatobviously as you will see I did do onepiece which is specifically related howeverthey extremely just want to visualize yourcreativity and the way your brain worksbasically ensuing piece is some moregraphic design because i assumed thatjust it flowed a small amount higher quitefollowing on with it so these were justsome brand designs that I've done once more Idid write a few sentences about my stylelike having bold contrastive colorsthings like that you simply can scan all thisstuff on there so I just did nine littlekind of toy designs just to point out that Ido have some kind of skills of graphicdesign like i would not say they'reparticular skills but you know I knowhow to use a computer kind of thing thenthe next piece I did was a photographypiece so once I tried to cook what theysaid you could have one page forphotography because

and things like that associate degreed thenthe final page simply has my name on myemail thereon so it just reminds themwho i'm therefore overall it came out as 11pages as like a PDF document and this isas I same the thereforert of format that I'veused for all the items I applied to youand all of them appear to love it as a result ofthey've given Pine Tree State offers therefore I hope thiswas quite helpful to you guys I thinkmy main little bit of recommendation would just be tokeep it personal to you they extremely justwant to visualize like your temperament yourinterest things like that thus if you havelike a mass of interesting cards youcould perhaps do styles of cars andrenovation like i don't apprehend just makeit personal to you thus like OH yeahbefore I forgetwith Lincoln I did additionally send three linksto videos as a result of as you guys grasp fromme doing this without delay a part of my lifeis that I do make youtube videos thus Idid attach three videos to my portfolioto that were travel videos and onewhich was a bit like an art video and inmy feedback they did say they reallyliked that as a result of it showed like how Isee the world and it did I can'tremember what they same but i am going to attempt andcut it and paste it here if it's usefulto you guys thus as I say like keep itpersonal to you if like Pine Tree State you makevideos don't keep that out because it'ssomething Mainentioned in my personalstatement also as a result of they simply wantto see you as an individual so anyway Ihope that this was kind of helpful toyou guys i actually want that there was avideo like this for after I was doingmine so that is why I've selected to showmine to you guys if it is helpful pleasedo give the video a thumbs up because itreally helps me out you'll alsosubscribe if you are new because I aim tomake new videos each Sat and Iwill see you guys very presently with anothervideo Cook Lounge – Konsep Mebel Keren 

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