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Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven Baker Brook Sports Camp Architecture

Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven if you have designed something in your lifewhether it’s architecture graphicsinteriors no matter you know this feelingwhere you have invested all of yourcreative efforts into our project and asit’s wrapping up and you’re type ofputtering concerning grasping in the least thesmall details and final tasks what’sleft to be donenot wanting to formally finish itbecause it means that you will have to getstarted on it next project that iswaiting or looming in the backgroundit’s this strange mixture of excitement anddread the foremost gratifying and terrifyingpoint within the timeline of design it’s attimes like these where doubt starts tocreep in and you start wondering youknow am i able to do this everywhere once more whatif that was the last sensible idea i will everhave do I still even have what it takeswill it’s good and so if it isgood will it be higher than the lastproject if you felt this way within the pastor if you’re feeling it right away you’renot alone i might era with you as I’mgetting able to begin a replacement project soin this video i assumed i might speak abouthow I affect this and the way I notice newideas there’s a term coined by ArthurKessler in his book the act of creationknown as by Association now he has avery wordy definition of

it but simplyput by association is the linking of 2completely separate unrelated ideassimple right so however will it work inpractice well the look for the SearsTower in Chicago by Bruce Graham Associate in NursingdFazlur Khan of Skidmore Owings andMerrill could be a excellent example thus there’sa story that the 2 partners werehaving lunch along at the ChicagoClub they were mulling over designconcepts for an office tower and theywere discussing the requirement for a novelapproach for what was to be the tallestbuilding in the world structurally theyagreed that a series of tubes withshared walls was an extremely efficientway to support a very tall building butthat approach would also yield a ratherbulky mass as compared with the simplesteel flames in common use at the timeyou recognize it’s same that Graham pausedand looked down at the table at his packof cigarettes and he grabbed a smallbundle of them in his mitt and heto push and pull them to differentheights in this moment he accomplished thatif every tube were staggered verticallyboth their slenderness and theirstructural integrity would be preservedso linking the concept for a skyscraperwith a pack of cigarettes two seeminglyunrelated things provided this novelconcept for the Sears Tower now byassociation needs unconventionalthinking normally held beliefs andrepetitive thought processes will alwaysyield similar results permutationsrather than mutations variations on atheme instead of some hyper flexiblethought that allows going beyond theexpected solutions learning to byassociate challenges the approach we’retaught to process the world thoughaccepting conventions and limitationslike the utmost height of a buildingleads to solutions that

you’vededicated eight operating hours to createthree ideas currently you merely have fourwhat are you planning to ought to dodifferently to accomplish your goal inhalf the timeideas area unit everyplace however we need tocondition ourselves to receive them payattention to the things that you’vemissed as a result of you’ve been therefore busyfocused together with your head down on the pagein front of you zoom out look at thingsfrom a new perspective i will alwaysremember the primary day of my high schoolphysics category our teacher lit a willdleand placed it on the workbench andchallenged U.S. to write down down everythingwe might about the candle every physicalobservation we may think about thus colorshape height flame wick dripping wax allthe obvious descriptors I ran out ofideas in in all probability but a minutealong with most of my classmates soafter doing this we then each read aloudour observations and completed that we have a tendency tohad recorded identical dozen about of themost obvious features that’s it theteacher says then he simply leaned inand puffed on the flame and of coursethe flame moves and wisps of black smokerise from it and he says anybody havethat observation on their list and fromthere he proceeded to come back up withanother twenty-four just about descriptors eachof that was plainly visible but all ofus had missed them because we weren’ttrained to watch profound architectureinterprets the world for United States of America how canobserving what is already there make fora higher building okay have you ever everdone this trick wherever you turn handswhile you’re brushing your teeth strive itthe next time you are brushing justswitch hands see however troublesome such asimple task is once you fully fliphow you’re accustomed doing it you actuallyhave to trust it currently with thistrick you are doing what everybody else isn’tdesign the anti project can public beprivate up be down stage be audienceopen be closed dearly-won swapped forinexpensive heavy for

light and this isa game you’ll be able to play on numerous differentlevels together with eliminating all theconstraints we spoke concerning earlierwhat would the project appear as if if Ididn’t have to abide by X or Y or ittake three of your precedent studysolutions and fully invert themoften the simplest resolution is that the simplestthe one that involves the fewest movesthe one that’s most pure and the leastconvoluted what solution would requireno tools to construct how about the onethat kids may build what’s thefree resolution what if you were financingit would you do it differently keepremoving variables a library while notbooks a theater without screens what’sthe one factor that if removed wouldrender everything else pointless there’s really nothing new during this worldunderstanding this could free you tolook to the solutions differents havedeveloped before you nature abstractionart photography movies light peoplematerial Instagram Pinterest books thesite Maps colours wind ocean toolsmovement feeling weather smell shapeother professionals other disciplinesalthough it’s been done before it’snever been done by you which is oneof the foremost liberating ideas once itcomes to setting off on a replacement project sowhat will all this lead well I don’tknow and that’s the fun half I supposemake positive you are signed and thatyou’ve hit the notification bell soyou’re notified whenever I transfer newvideos and you’ll be able to follow on as Ifigure out this next style challenge besure to tell me in the comments thetricks you have for transitioningbetween one project and another we’llsee you once more next time Cheers Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven

you will come back and sand yourseams and apply a second third or fourthcoat as necessary right away i'm here at my native HomeDepot to rent a tile saw I picked upsome very awful black mosaic tileswith a hexagonal pattern only drawback ISI would like a tile cell with a slippery tableto be ready to cut them cleanly that iswhat's really awe-inspiring regarding Home Depotin their rental service i'm able to patten very high-quality saw at a reallylow fee in truth i am only gonna rent itfor four hours and that ought to give meplenty of time to tile this shower andget it back here in time that's what'sso awful concerning this Delta up style tuband shower surround is that you cancustomize it with virtually any tilethat you wish I started by taking mytwelve by twelve tile squares andcutting them in order that they fit the insertof the shower instead of a skinny setmortar i exploitd identical chemical compound adhesivethat I use to connect the shower walls tothe one by fours behind it once applyingthe adhesive I used a trowel to spreadit out that way each of the tile hadplenty of contact with the shower walland the adhesive I put them in placemaking sure to not press on them toohard in order that they didn't sink too deeplyinto the adhesive then I used tilespacers to form positive that all of myspacing and gaps were consistent acrossthe stretch once I had a handful of thesein place and got the droop of it i used to beable to tile the remainder of the showerreally quickly I even have links to the Deltaup vogue shower kit that I used ifyou're inquisitive about learning additional Ireally couldn't advocate it additional I wasreally affected with the quality of theshower itself and also the ability tocustomize it the way that you can isreally amazing this was my first time applying grout totile so i am certain I was messier than Ineeded the bead however it came out lookingreally niceI used my grout float to figure that groutinto the cracks between all of the tilesyou don't want any voids here after thatI used a sponge and water to scrub upthe majority of that grout then a papertowel to wipe it all clean and in conclusion to waterproof this shower andtub I caught all of the seams

Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven the project everythingwas removed from the toilet except forthe floors that is thus I rented thisdemolition hammer from Home Depot alongwith a chisel bit so I could removethe ceramic ware tiles whoever put inthe tiles during this house originally did area unitally sensible job as a result of it absolutely was not easyto get these up and once the tiles wereremovedI used the bit itself to scrape away anymortar that was still stuck to theconcrete popcorn ceilings are reallyugly but fortunately they're very easy toremove the primary thing you would like to try and do isspray the ceiling to assist management thedust this conjointly helps the texture removea little bit easier i like to recommend mistreatment ascraper like mine that a trash bag willattach to this helps the cleanup processgo by approach faster we tend to could not be happyto report that every one major demo iscomplete it's nothing to put this placeback together and also the first thing I'mgonna do is level out these floors ifyou'll notice underneath where the tub goesthe floor isn't quite level see how thefoundation is raised in the center thereforeI'm getting to float a complete new flooracross this bathroom this will be gonna buildthe covering and tub installation approacheasier before I floated a new floor Icalled round the perimeter of the roomto help seal everything up once that hadtime to line I caught up some selfleveling rug pad you want to makesure and blend this in order that it's reallyrunny that way it can flow into anywherethere's low spots within the floor thanks togravity the combo and naturally flows tothe low spot within the floor but it doesn'thurt spreading it out a little bit once I floated the ground I let it setfor concerning 2 days to cure then I cameback and that i roughed all told of my plumbingfor the tub drain installing a tubreally is simple but you wish to makesure that it's utterly level beforeyou screw it into the studs behind itoftentimes rough framing is simply thatrough and inconsistent so ensure andhave a pack of shims with you so thatyou can have smart contact everywhereyou're shag your tub to the studsbehind it after the bathtub and drain wereinstalled I known as a journeyman to try and do theroughen for the shower Plumbing is notsomething that I even have plenty ofexperience in and this is often one thing thatI needed to make certain was done correctlyafter the valve was installed here andPEX tubing from the valve to the hot andcold lines as well as to a nozzle uptop and while we were at it we wentahead and raised the showerhead concerning afoot and a half from wherever it waspreviously once i test-fit the showerwalls i measured

your manufacturer's directions this toilet vanity from Kohler isreally awing as a result of it's standard themain cupboard at the vainness assembles andinstalls just like you'd expect onceyou grasp in situ ensure it'scentered to the wall where you wish itas well as level to the floor then graba screw gun and a shim pack and attachit to the 2x4 studs behind the wall fromthere you've got the choice to addadditional cupboards on either aspect ofthe self-importance for additional storagethis approach you'll customise the vanity tofit your space and maximize storage currently i do know I same i'm not a lot of of aplumber however i am definitely confidentenough to put in a faucet this model isfrom the Delta pivotal series same asthe shower kit that you'll see later onboth of these will be joined within thedescription i really love the approach theylook the shower arm that comes with thepivotal shower kit is really long whichallows it to act as a rainfallshowerhead albeit could be a traditionalshower change surface and once I had thatinstalled the bathroom was done nowbefore I show you what this bathroomended up wanting like i want to remindyou simply how dingy and out-of-dateeverything was the lighting was dangerous thefixtures were out-of-date and everythingwas simply type of well falling apartbut now we've a fresh clean fashionablebathroom that is gonna be fashionable foryears to come back not solely is it ten timesmore functional however it simply looks andfeels approach better when you're in there Iknow thusme folks criticize employing a lotof white finishes they are saying it's toosterile but if you request from me there'snowhere else i would want to feelsterile than a toilet am i right  so thanks loads for look I reallyappreciate it if you're interested infinding out a lot of concerning the home depotproducts i used and a lot of aboutrenovating a toilet generally makesure and follow the link down in thedescription i would like to give one more hugethanks to home depot for sponsoring thisvideo this absolutely wouldn't havebeen attainable without them I will not likeHome Depot is my dream sponsor Icouldn't be more proud or appreciativeto have them on board if you have anyquestions about this project you canalways leave me a comment down in thedescription otherwise you can hit me up with aDM on Instagram i'm at fashionable buildsfinally don't forget to hit thatsubscribe button down below me and thatnotification bell that manner you knowevery time I post a new project videothis has been an unbelievable learningexperience on behalf of me and don't forgetthere's modern builds merchlink for that's down in the descriptionas well bye every body Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven

with thesame a polymer adhesive I used on therest of the shower cross-check that therefore coolI had to get rid of the light fixtures topaint so the first thing I did once itwas dry was replace it so I mayfilm with thusme light once more I replacedthe self-importance light along with the tub fanso that everything matched and was cleanand white i'm gonna be installing twelve inch by 24inch ceramic ware marble floors and justlike before this is the first time i'mtiling a floor yet therefore I created certainand followed the manufacturersdirections on each of the productswhenever I used them I applied my mortarwith a 0.5 inch by half inch trowel andI additionally did what's called back butteringthe tiles before I installed them thisjust means that I installed a thin layerof thin set to the rear of the tilebefore I place it down on top of themortar I took thereforeme time beyond regulation to createsure this first tile was extremely levelbecause that is what all of the remainder ofthe tiles can reference from here onout I just worked my means down the wallcutting pieces as I required to mistreatmentspacers to take care of a uniform groutline I additionally set to stagger my groutlines so that it had a pleasant clean look titling that floor got a touch bitmessy there towards the top but it cameout really really niceI created positive I've got nice spacers thusthat I could facilitate keep a reallyconsistent grout line across all of mytiles before I could grout the tiles Ineeded to remove the surplus mortarbetween the tiles I used these more toremoving attachments for my eighteen voltRyobi multi-tool to wash up the gapsbetween the tiles like I said i was alittle American statessier than I ought to have beenhere as I worked I kept a shop vac withme so that I could remove that dust andsee if there was any extra mortar Ineeded to get rid of then I got my grout andmy grout float back out and i groundedbetween the tiles this point i was not asmessy as i was in the shower and that i wasable to clean everything up reallyeasily and now that the grout has had acouple of days to dry this toilet isgoing to start moving on reallyquickly the bathroom had some old dingyoutlets and switches so i made a decision toremove all of these and replace themwith some fashionable sq. ones and justlike i am not a pipe fitter i'm NOT anelectrician so don't hunt for American state foradvice in this department this one byfor trim that I'm using for the bathroomis dead fitted to it it's PVCwhich means it's waterproof in some ofmy previous renovation videos you'veseen me build one by four trim out of MDFinstalling this is the exact same methodyou want to make sure that you simply have areally tight seam between your trim andyour wall for a clean flush look and itcustomize this piece of the door trim towork around the molding but aside fromthat it is the same as trimming out anyother door bathrooms are super simple to install onceyou get a new wax ring on there all youhave to try and do is about your toilet in placemake sure that it's dead level thenassemble according to

and marked the locationof the valve and therefore the downspout for thetub so that i may drill holes in thatwall insert for the plumbing to gothrough and anywhere i was drilling Imade sure to use painters tape to keepthe shower wall from obtaining scratched once the holes we tend tore drilled I might placethat third wall up place and check thefit thankfully it discovered great onthe 1st try at the moment I grabbed myportable miter saw station so that Icould cut some one by fours because the supportpieces behind the shower wall itself Ihave a build video showing the way to makethis portable miter saw station ifyou're curious regarding checking it outthere'll be a link in the description aswell as a card within the corner of thescreen these 1 by fours that I'minstalling square MEasure the support behind theshower walls yet again I created bound tokeep thereforeme shims with me so that I couldmake good level walls for reference theshower inserts square measure held to the one byfours with a chemical compound adhesive andthere's multiple counseled in theinstallation guide supplied by themanufacturer similar to with the bathtub youwant to create sure that every of theseshower walls are very plumb and levelbefore you screw the projection all the way down to the2x4 studs this fashion your edges areconsistent all the way across yourshower from the bathtub to the shower walls  this blue drywall is water resistantwhich suggests that it's perfect for thisapplication i use the utility knife tocut panels to exchange the drywall Iremoved earlierthis is my 1st time doing drywall aswell and i have need to say it is not astough as you would think so don't beintimidated by this method you'vetotally got itthe solely challenging part was trimmingaround the shower if I had noted thatthis would are a difficulty sooner Iwould have created certain to make straightercuts on the first drywall so thatthis method would be easierregardless once your drywall is in placeyou wish to tape and mud your seams you utilize drywall compound to fill any voidsand to disembarrass the transition betweenthe original drywall and the new piecesthat we put in this helps hide any seamsand makes a very nice flat wall italso makes the corners a great deal cleaner Ilearned on this project that it's betterto do multiple thin coats of compoundrather than one or two really thickcoats that way you save a lot of timesanding and you make tons less of amess you typically wish to let this setfor about 24 hours or at least overnightthen

Modern Bathroom Design For Your Private Home Heaven to reworka rest room on fashionable builds i need togive a large due to this video sponsorHome Depot this whole renovation wouldnot be doable while not them andthroughout the video of see Maine usingsome wonderful merchandise from Home Depotlike the customizable Delta up style tuband shower surround and tub and showerfixtures from Delta's important bathcollection if you're interested infinding more concerning them you'll be able to followthe link down within the description thereI've additionally written a journal post with moreabout this renovation normally remodel projects are wholeintimidating i buy it however bogs arenot that robust primarily because the layoutis totally what it needs to be the sinkis getting to be wherever it's and theshower is going to keep wherever it isthings just need updated thus stay tunedand let's get building or let's getdemoing as a result of the first thing we'regonna do is tear this place apartdemoing out this bathroom was relativelyquick I started by removing the vanitysmooth this thing wasn't too durable andit came out very fast from there Icould remove the cupboard higher than thetoilet the mirror so the toiletitself this was undoubtedly not thefunnest half taking a shower like thisout is gonna vary for everybodyso confirm and do your own researchmost covering material shower inserts areinstalled a similar way which suggests theycan be demoed out the same furthermore afterremoving all the knobs and fixturesI used a utility knife to remove thedrywall regarding two to four inches abovethe shower itself this exposes a flangethat is often used to screw or nailthe shower insert to the studs behind it currently that the drain was out and there wasnothing holding the insert down it wastime to remove the full factor and to dothat I used a six inch reciprocal sawblade to chop the insert into pieces thisis gonna allow me to remove this insertin pieces otherwise i wouldn't be ableto compass through the door of thebathroom whenever you are cutting througha shower insert like this confirm thatyou're not cutting through anyelectrical wires or plumbing behind yourwall at this time in

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